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ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) in Arizona Report (270 KB)

Arizona Baby Statistics (210 KB)

Baby Checklist For CFTs (Child and Family Teams) (136 KB)

Balancing ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) with Hope (4.4 MB)

Best for Babies Court Teams Core Components (146 KB)

Best for Babies Essential Services Checklist (164 KB)

Birth Parents with Trauma Histories and the Child Welfare System  (328 KB)

Building Bridges for Babies in Foster Care (152 KB)

Call to Action on Behalf of Maltreated Infants and Toddlers (446 KB)

Child Neglect Guide for Prevention, Assessment, Intervention (2.2 MB)

Clinical Guidance for Treating Pregnant and Parenting Women With Opioid Use Disorder and Their Infants (2.1 MB)

Cradle to Crayons Study by ASU’s Center for Child Well-Being (400 KB)

Eight Things to Remember About Child Development

Ensuring Healthy Development of Infants in Foster Care (6.7 MB)

Essential Advocates: Using CASAs to Promote Child Well-Being (2.9 MB)

Improving Child Welfare Outcomes: Balancing Investments in Prevention and Treatment (1.9 MB)

Mandated Reporter Law in Arizona (155 KB)

Positive Parenting Builds Healthy Brains (6.46 MB)

Supporting Social-Emotional Development of Babies in Foster Care (346 KB)

The Truth About ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) (485 KB)

Parenting a Child Who Has Experienced Trauma (496 KB)

Using a Developmental Approach in Child Welfare Practice (3.2 MB)

Resources for Judges, Attorneys, Court Personnel, CASAs:

Attachment 101 for Attorneys: Implications for Infant Placement Decisions (2.1 MB)

Best for Babies Essential Services Checklist (164 KB)

Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Futures: A Judge’s Guide (2.71 MB)

Judges Using Brain Science to Help Babies Caught in Court System  (844 KB)

Questions Every Judge and Lawyer Should Ask About Infants and Toddlers in the Child Welfare System (Updated 2017) (5.2 MB)

Questions Every Judge and Lawyer Should Ask About Infants and Toddlers – Bench Card (876 KB)

Separation and Reunification – Using Attachment Theory and Research to Inform Foster Care Placement Decisions  (134 KB)

Practice and Policy Briefs:

Advocating for Very Young Children in Dependency Proceedings (2.2 MB)

Healing the Youngest Children – Model Court-Community Partnerships (1.7 MB)

Psychotropic Medication and Children in Foster Care: Tips for Advocates and Judges (1 MB)

Visitation With Infants and Toddlers in Foster Care (624 KB)

Additional Resources:

ACCCHS Services For Foster or Adopted Children (588 K)

ACCCHS Services For Foster or Adopted Children Spanish (588 K)